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Brandon Lundell, DC, DABCI, APC, IFMCP, Dipl. Ac. 

“This is truly one of the most unique and life-changing functional medicine courses out there.” 

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Dr. Brandon Lundell is a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist (DABCI); Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner through the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFMCP); Diplomate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic Endocrinologist (ANMA); Former Adjunct Professor, So. Cal. U of Health Sciences, DABCI instructor (Chiropractic Internist and Primary Care program); >15 years of clinical experience in functional medicine; has a full-time, waiting list only practice. 



Functional Medicine and Nutritional Pathology Essentials Blood Chemistry, Inflammation Pathology, Methylation, Mitochondrial Medicine and more for optimal clinical outcomes. 

MODULE 2 – AUGUST 22-23, 2020 


ImmunologySolving the Riddle of Autoimmune and Chronic Illness. The autoimmune triad, chronic infections, mold and Lyme protocols to support healing in complex cases. 

MODULE 3 – SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2020 


Functional GastroenterologyExploring The Gut-Brain-Immune-Endocrine Connections from Achlorhydria to Zollinger Ellison Syndrome (A-Z). 

MODULE 4 – OCTOBER 24-25, 2020 


Hormone MasteryMale/Female Reproductive Health, Fertility and Thyroid Support. Current Lab Diagnostics and Evidence-Based Treatments in a clinical setting. 

who should take these courses 

These practical, clinical courses in Functional Medicine & Nutritional Pathology were developed for all licensed healthcare practitioners. Hundreds of practitioners have completed this series and continued to return for up-to-date research and continued clinical pearls.  MD, DO, DC, ND, NP, L.Ac, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Dietitians and more have benefited from the content presented in this series. 

why are these courses right for you 

Whether you are a seasoned functional medicine practitioner or still a student obtaining your degree, you will appreciate the teaching style and practical clinical information that Dr. Lundell provides.    

  • You will learn the essential nature of most illnesses that you will see in your practice 
  • You will learn the art of seeing clearly what is truly happening in the patient, at a cellular/biochemical level as well as the big picture. 
  • You will be able to help patients who have been to several other doctors without getting the answers or help they need.  

what is nutritional pathology 

Pathology has been defined as that branch of medicine that treats the essential nature and primary causative factors of disease. Pathology is the study of cells, organs and biological systems. It includes looking at tissues, biochemistry and organ systems to determine the nature of the cellular disturbance.   Nutritional Pathology is the study of the cellular basis for ill health – the true causes being primarily nutritional aberrations, genetic and epigenetic interactions, environmental inputs and lifestyle factors.   Lifestyle and nutritional means are employed to re-establish and maintain essential health throughout the lifespan. Nutritional Pathology uses the latest in biochemical analysis, physical examinations and an integrated mind-body model to evaluate and see clearly what a person is experiencing and why.   A more complete understanding of organ systems allows effective, less harmful, proven and evidence-based treatments to be applied, to not only resolve symptoms, but also restore proper and vital cellular function. 

module, dates, times & location 

MODULE 1 – MARCH 7-8, 2020 

MODULE 2 – AUGUST 22-23, 2020 

MODULE 3 – SEPTEMBER 26-27, 2020 

MODULE 4 – OCTOBER 2425, 2020 


SATURDAY8:00 am –  6:00 pm

SUNDAY8:00 am – 12:15 pm 


Call: 1 – 800-255-3292  

(520) 441-9981 


We have gone GREEN!! Seminar notes will be provided on a flash drive. Bring your laptops! Printed notes are available upon request for an additional fee of $50. Please contact Nutri-West 4 Life in advance for this option. 


tips to optimize your experience at the seminar 

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Six modules, holistic blood chemistry ma Six modules, holistic blood chemistry manual, blood chemistry pattern guide & a free bonus: functional medicine resource kit. 

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  • Order your blood chemistry guide to start applying this comprehensive blood chemistry and urinalysis guide in your practice.  Have the opportunity to study the different analytes to maximize your clinical reference during the courses. 
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“Good doctors know WHAT to do, Great doctors know WHY.” 

frequently asked questions 

I HAVE THE ONLINE VERSION – HOW IS THIS DIFFERENTDr. Lundell provides a very comprehensive 6 course online version.  The live modules will not only include this, but will offer additional clinical insight, current research on all topics and one-on-one interaction with like minded doctors.  Both serve as valuable tools for any practioner integrating functional medicine in their practice. 

I HAVE ALREADY TAKEN DR. LUNDELLS COURSES – WHAT IS NEW Material is ALWAYS being updated.  Current clinical applications, latest research and new insight is at every course.  If you have heard Dr. Lundell before you know that each module/course offers an opportunity to create clinical excellency!  He is a wealth of knowledge and practices what he teaches. 

I HAVE NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE IN FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE OR NUTRITIONAL PATHOLOGY – WILL I BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND ALL THE NEW MATERIAL – As Dr. Lundell so eloquently says NO NEED TO BE INTIMIDATED. Dr. Lundell has the ability to make all this potentially complex information very easy to understand and implement in your practice – almost from hour one! To get all this information from other courses out there, you would easily spend 5-10x more, and still not know what to do with all of the information. He guides you through every step of the way and offers tremendous resources to support you through learning. 

what people are saying about dr. lundell’s courses 

“Amazing resource. Dr. Lundell is gifted with incredible knowledge and the ability to teach with a non-threatening style. Great presentations.” James, DC – Phoenix 

“Exceeded my expectations. He always comes to the table with so much great info and presents it in such an absorbable manner!” Don, Nutritionist – Los Angeles 

Dr. Lundell’s functional medicine course is a must have! I have learned more from him than any teacher thus far. He has an incredible way of breaking down complex biochemistry and organ systems that allows students to truly understand and implement the material. His teachings go beyond just the power-point slides and he offers real insights from his extensive clinical/patient expertise. His “clinical pearls” are invaluable. This course has helped increase my functional medicine expertise and allowed me to be more efficient with my diagnosis, testing, and treatment plans.  Adriane Kay Hines, DC, DABCI 

Maximize the output of clinically significant content for one low monthly subscription fee of only $59.00 a month.  Enter lab values to have a comprehensive report show optimal/lab ranges for guidance of clinical applications learned in these courses.   


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