J. Dunn, DC LEVEL 1: Intro to Genetics and Methylation Variants


Level I: Introduction to Genetics and Methylation Variants and Their Effects on Health  

ALBUQUERQUE, NM   l   MARCH 21-22, 2020 


J Dunn, DC 

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Dr. Dunn will explore Methylation Pathways & Genetic Defects (SNiP’s) with nutritional supplement programs to bring about incredible breakthroughs! Optimize your genetic potential by empowering yourself with the knowledge of how you can epigenetically influence the expression of your genes! 

STEP 1DISCOVER your gene coding utilizing DNA testing through AncestryDNA.com or 23andme.com. 

STEP 2TRANSLATE your raw genetic date into functional reports individualized for you (analysis and personalized reports in one), combined with Dr. J Dunn’s dynamic Wholistic KinesiologyTM program. 

STEP 3DETERMINE the epigenetic and environmental influences that make a difference in gene expression:  diet, lifestyle, nutritional factors, toxicity, etc. and learn how to integrate a personalized support program for each SNiP.   

dates, times & location 

SATURDAYMarch 21, 2020 8:30 am 6:15 pm (Registration – 8:00 am) 

SUNDAYMarch 22, 2020 – 8:00 am – 12:15 pm 


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what you will learn 

  • Influences of Methylation mutation on structural outcomes. 
  • Learning an easy‐to‐use systematic approach to neurologic muscle testing. 
  • Hands‐on practice using functional muscle testing with flow charts. 
  • Methylation pathway inter‐relationships and critical ties to clinical practice. 
  • Laboratory tests including blood work and genetic testing protocols related to spine and soft tissue stability. 
  • Individual SNiP’s (gene mutations), their clinical effect and their relevance to the structural practice. 
  • Learn how to merge laboratory testing, genetic analysis and functional muscle testing to increase your clinical outcomes! 

tips to optimize your experience at the seminar 

  • Review Dr. Dunn’s latest webinars series at www.Nutri-West.com  

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A Quick and Easy System for Optimizing Your Health 

Paperback – July 17, 2008 by Dr. J Dunn 

Wholistic Kinesiology is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation for optimizing health. It is a remarkable tool allowing you to speak to the body. Dr. Dunn teaches and employs these techniques in order that seminar attendees can better understand how to discern informational patterns from the body’s computer. These techniques help to build a foundation of utilizing Wholistic Kinesiology to elucidate and simplify other parts of the seminar, such as mastering genetic polymorphisms, methylation patterns, and epigenetic solutions to the manifestation of gene variants! “Perfect Heath” in Paradise is another book written by Dr. Dunn about how to naturally stay healthy while traveling; it can be ordered from Amazon.com 

  • Experience the newly integrated genetic profile utilizing every clinic must have – FhEval Program.  Dr. Dunn’s methylation SNiP analysis and nutritional/lifestyle recommendations are now available in an automated downloadable and patient report with results from either ancestryDNA.com or 23andme.com.   

Maximize the output of clinically significant content for one low monthly subscription fee of only $59.00 a month.   Now instead of running genetic results through multiple template programs, download your raw data and get an instant report in one place with a comprehensive, practical SNP analysis